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Pick & Pack

By Pick & Pack services we refer to the collection, assembly, packing and dispatch of the corresponding goods and documents (invoices, delivery invoices, etc.) in boxes, envelopes, pallets or in any other form for secure transport and processing of information and documents that are required for Pick & Pack.

The goods are shipped the same day, without worrying about packages and without having to wait for a parcel service or you have to go to a post office.

Within the service itself we are providing these operations:

→ receiving and processing information about customer orders
→ processing of documents (invoices, delivery invoices, etc.)
→ pick & order package
→ procurement of packing materials
→ preparation of goods for sale - packaging in packages, labels, insertion manuals, etc.
→ production of exit documents and transport labels
→ optimization of maritime transport
→ management of returns and receivables