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We store, pack and deliver the goods and packages directly to the customer.

The service is intended for all companies dealing with physical goods. These are mostly electronic stores, online stores, exporters, importers, manufacturers, promotional materials, spare parts, consumer goods, etc.

Fulfillment Center, means a complete logistical process from the moment of sale until the delivery of the product to the final customer made by a specialized company. This process is seen as a distribution of the goods (in packages, envelopes or pallets) to the final customer by a third party - fulfillment service provider. Simply put, sending orders is all that needs to be done by the supplier from the moment they receive an order to the successful order processing and product delivery.


  • Saving time. You will have more time for your main business activities
  • Radical decrease in logistics expenses, due to our specialization and our range of services
  • Implementation of our system and knowledge
  • Faster growth of your company

Currently, an efficient solution of logistics and distribution of goods is one of the most important success factors, mainly for the companies active in the field of online commerce.